EIF stands for Enhanced Integrated Framework, which is an extension to the Integrated Framework (IF) programme of the WTO. It is an international initiative through with a multiple of international trade and development agencies combine their efforts with those of LDCs to respond to trade-related developed needs of LDCs while IF focused on improving the capacity to formulate, negotiate and implement trade policy, EIF focuses on three specific elements: (i) increased, additional, and predictable financial resources to implement Action Matrices; (ii) strengthened in-country capacities to manage, implement and monitor the IF process; and (iii) enhanced IF governance.

EIF seeks to provide increased, predictable and additional funding on a multi-year basis; strengthen mainstreaming trade into national development plans and poverty reduction strategies and effective follow-up of diagnostic trade integration studies (DTIS) and implementation of action matrices, including coordination amongst donors and IF stakeholders; and improve the IF decision-making and management structure to ensure an effective and timely delivery of the increased financial resources and programmes.

There is stronger ownership of the EIF process by the LDCs and increased commitments from donors. The EIF has a full-fledged Secretariat, administratively housed in the WTO and headed by an Executive Director. Sufficient funding is provisioned through a multilateral trust fund and bilateral/regional cooperation. It ensures sufficient funding is available at the multilateral trust fund to meet the costs associated with domestic capacity building (Tier 1) and some but not all activities identified in the Action Matrices (Tier 2) prepared in DTIS.

In Nepal, the EIF focal point is at the MoCS and is supported in its work by national EIF implementation arrangements. Under this program, Nepal has already done a diagnostic study of trade competitiveness (Nepal Trade Integration Strategy 2010) and identified 19 products with export potential. Now, Nepal is working on to design appropriate policies, consistent with the action matrices, to promote the identified products.

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